Power Within

How many times have you searched for something only to find you already had what you were looking for? A prime example of this could be you are looking for your keys and you discover that they are already in your hands or you are looking for your eyeglasses and you look in the mirror to see they are already on your head. I know I have been guilty of this on multiple occasions and to my surprise when I slowed down I found what I was looking for. I gave you some practical examples that may have happened to you but let's take this a step further.

Have you been looking for happiness from others or a situation? Have you thought that "if I only had" more money, more education, more power I would be able to...? Do you think you have to get an answer from someone because you can not figure something out?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I want to remind you that YOU have everything you need already within you. The key to your own happiness is already within. The answers you have been searching for are already within. You don't have to search anymore or feel like you are missing something.

Now it is time to connect or reconnect with this power to create the life you desire. Here are some practical steps you can take today to access your power:

  1. Acknowledge that you already have the power within.

  2. Get quiet and still so you can hear your inner voice as it gives you guidance.

  3. Recognize that the inner chatter and negative self-talk is not you.

  4. Have the courage to step into the guidance and power even if you have fear or uncertainty.

  5. Embrace the FREEDOM that is rightfully yours.

AFFIRMATION: You have the divine ability to manifest or attract what you need and desire

I assist clients to activate the power from within. Check out our coaching program, Power-Ful You.

Imagine what it will feel like to move from uncertainty to clarity and to embrace clarity in every area of your life so there’s no more confusion.<