I'm thrilled that you made it here. I've created this space with you in mind. I know you are tired because I've been there too... 

  • tired of feeling stuck

  • tired of feeling inadequate

  • tired of second guessing yourself and your decisions

  • tired of not having what you say you really want 

No judgment... I get it... I've been there. And what I know for sure that you were drawn here so that you can finally grow, heal and transform. But before we go any further... let me introduce myself and The Whole Woman Experience. 

Those that know me best would say that I am deeply spiritual, intuitive, creative, heart-centered and inspirational. There is no greater joy for me than to see you grow, heal and transformation into the woman you were created to be.

As the leader and founder of The Whole Woman Experience, I am delighted that our paths have crossed. In 2015, I started this community for women who are focused on personal and spiritual development. We have grown into so much and the vision continues to unfold. Here are a few of our accomplishments. 


  • Hosted 9 Live Events & Numerous Virtual Trainings

  • Launched Several Coaching Programs For Personal and Professional Development

    • Whole Woman | Whole Life Accountability Coaching Program​

    • Awaken Your Inner Whole Woman 90 Day Coaching Experience 

    • Uplevel Whole Woman 6 Week Coaching Program 

    • Whole YOU Transformation 12 Week Coaching Program

    • Transform Your Business in 6 Months Mastermind Program (for entrepreneurs)

    • The Launching Pad 6 Month Coaching Program (for aspiring and growing entrepreneurs in the first few years of business)

  • Started an online academy, The Academy of Whole Women for online courses in personal development 

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Here's more about my work: 

As an INNER HEALER, I support women heal the fears and experiences of the past and live emotionally free a whole; heal old memories, self doubts, limiting beliefs and confusion to rise in clarity of purpose, vision and greater depths of spiritual understanding. 

As a PURPOSE ACTIVATOR, I awaken women to the truth of who you really are and your soul's purpose. As a coach, I guide women through a self-discovery journey of inner healing. Increase in your giftings, reawaken your creative abilities, defeat limiting thoughts and flow in alignment. 

As a FACILITATOR, I create life changing sessions at my workshops, conferences and retreats that provide experiential exercises, eye opening awareness with immediate results. Learn emotional freedom and spiritual routines and practices to connect with your highest self and highest calling

As a TRANSFORMER, I support women discover and break free from the true origins of their innermost resistance, blocks and self-sabotage to courageously live in the unique design God has created for their life. Engage your ability to transform your entire life from one of uncertainty and disconnection to PURPOSE, fulfillment and clarity. 

Visit my personal website to get more details about me and my work. 

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can create the life they desire, and can change the world.


To empower women to embrace their God-given purpose, freedom and worthiness. 


Our Vision

To support women stand courageously in their authentic truth, clearly fulfill their life purpose and confidently live emotionally healthy, confident and free. 


The Whole Woman Experience

"You are not just any woman, you are a WHOLE WOMAN". Natolie Warrren

Email: support@awaken2power.com

Phone: 678-829-8993

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