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You are innately a dreamer who wants to accomplish your goals. For example, you may have dreamed of starting a family, having a successful career, finishing school, being an entrepreneur, etc. However, you havive likely allowed the inner limitations and resistance to talk you out of what you say you want or were intended to have. 

As a transformational coach, Natolie supports women who feel they need help reaching their goals in life, or they need help having a more fulfilling life.

Did you know that your attitude and perception of yourself shapes your reality and ultimately your outcome? Therefore, a very helpful way to get you back on track and transform your life starts with changing your thoughts and behaviors. As your transformational coach, Natolie would help you better yourself and your life by supporting you make necessary changes. Natolie would assist you change the way you see yourself with your self-image, self-worth or perception of yourself and your limitations. Your mindset affects every experience in your life.

Natolie would guide you back to the life you were created to have.  My coaching style goes beyond a traditional, one-size-fits-all approach to coaching. We will explore your unique power, purpose and points of resistance to awaken all that already resides within you. Yes, you were created with everything that you need and we will awaken, discover and develop those things together. Additionally, you will discover how to connect to your inner power, have more clarity related to your purpose and meaning in life and how to make yourself a priority. Then you will create meaningful change and be the woman you were created to be.

The process:

We will initially determine your goals and aspirations in our first session. In the coaching program, we will focus on your positive talents and abilities and leave your past negative habits, thoughts of yourself and mistakes behind so you can take charge in moving forward with your new goals. It’s time for you to be whom you truly are- a whole woman living a fulfilling life. You will then transform and be the woman that you want to be.

What you can expect:

  • To be educated and empowered to move beyond your limits in your current perspective of thoughts and beliefs.

  • Gain processes and powerful tools to help your find meaning, balance, peace, fulfillment and meaning in your life.

  • A deeper understanding of your unique strengths, values and clarity about what makes you whole and powerful.

  • The ability to articulate your biggest obstacles and stumbling blocks and explore ways to rid yourself of them.

  • A vision of yourself as a woman and what you want, to call upon in times of self-doubt and fear.

  • Practical strategies to identify and release limiting beliefs and the courage to take risks with an individualized plan to carry out new insights and strategies.


Now it is time to Be the Woman You Were Created to Be

For more information about the coaching programs, click here and a member of our team will contact you. 

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Discovery Call

Do you feel you are walking in your fullest potential? Do you desire to awaken your inner whole woman? Do you want a greater understanding of your identity, value and security as a woman? Then I invite you to take advantage of an opportunity to have a major breakthrough with personal, one on-one coaching session, titled, “Be The Woman You Were Created To Be”, where we will work together to…

  • Create a crystal clear vision of the woman you were uniquely designed to be by God.

  • We’ll uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging you from recognizing strengths, abilities, talents and purpose and take practical, strategic steps to receive your breakthrough.

  • You’ll leave the session renewed, inspired and equipped to finally embrace the woman you were created to be and begin to live a whole, full life.

If you’d like to take advantage of this very special, very limited, and totally FREE 30 minute “Be The Woman You Were Created To Be” coaching session, email me below to get started. You can expect to get contacted by our team to schedule your session within the next 3 business days.'

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Your soul yearns for more! It's time for you to uplevel to the next level for your life. Uplevel Whole Woman coaching program will provide you with step by step way to quantum leap your mindset and energy so you can overcome doubt, start to trust yourself completely and take aligned action. Get ready to let go of all the old negative stories that have got you blocked from living your highest self and move into the life you were meant to live minus the overwhelm. With 4 power packed levels, I will coach and teach you everything that will help you to level up your mindset and your life using your own intuitive and creative abilities. Plus you will receive oodles of contact and support to make sure you follow through and commit.

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Whole YOU

You already have everything you need to become the woman you were created to be. Whole YOU Transformation program provides you with the strategies and support to connect to the truth of who you really are and to what you really want. 

Email me for the start date of this program. 

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