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  • "The Whole Woman Experience allowed me to look at my positive and negative experiences from a different lens; you quickly learn that other women may have your same struggles or overcame those struggles. I enjoyed connecting with other women, and connecting more so with myself through the group exercises . I walked away knowing that every experience God has allowed me to endure was used to make me the whole woman I am today, and I can now say, I am lacking nothing!" --Terri

  • "It was truly a wonderful blessing to me. When the things that I used to struggle with tried to come up again, being there allow me to take a stand against it. So I say thanks to you for allowed The Lord to use and I also thanks him for using you as well. --Daisy

  • “Informative, encouraging, eye opening. The Whole Woman Retreat was a confirmation for things I had been praying for. I had gifts that were dormant and this retreat totally woke my gifts back up... If I had to pick my best part of the retreat it was when you and your team was teaching us how to talk to the young lady that was hurting. I loved it all and I'm ready for the next one." ---Sabriena

  • “My experience was amazing!! It was really a rebirth and awaking for me!! It’s exactly what it says it’s for... The Whole Woman!  Cant wait for the next one!!” ---Dominque


  • “This retreat has empowered me and strengthened not only my relationship with God but with myself and I thank you woman of God. Next time we need a whole week. --Anonymous

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