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Workshops, Conferences & Retreats 

  • "This workshop allowed me to look at my positive and negative experiences from a different lens; you quickly learn that other women may have your same struggles or overcame those struggles. I enjoyed connecting with other women, and connecting more so with myself through the group exercises . I walked away knowing that every experience God has allowed me to endure was used to make me the whole woman I am today, and I can now say, I am lacking nothing!" --Terri

  • “As a result of attending the retreat, I have been able to open myself to inner healing for greater success. In life, I always try to do and look for the balance in everything. I needed to be in a quiet place so that I can hear the inner voice within me.”

  • “Informative, encouraging, eye opening. The retreat was a confirmation for things I had been praying for. I had gifts that were dormant and this retreat totally woke my gifts back up... If I had to pick my best part of the retreat it was when you and your team was teaching us how to talk to the young lady that was hurting. I loved it all and I'm ready for the next one." ---Sabriena

  • “My experience was amazing!! It was really a rebirth and awaking for me!! It’s exactly what it says it’s for... The Whole Woman!  Can't wait for the next one!!” ---Dominque


  • “This retreat has empowered me and strengthened not only my relationship with God but with myself and I thank you woman of God. Next time we need a whole week. --Anonymous

Working With Natolie 

Monica Picture.jpg

Monica Fletcher, Author & Relationship Mentor

"I know it sounds like a cliché but our coaching sessions has strengthened me through one of the hardest seasons of my life. The accountability that the program offers gives me the uncanny ability to stay focused. Plus, I smile more on the inside.

Woman with Head Scarf

Lakeisha S., Senior Analysis

“Working with Natolie has given me a clearer realization and solidified foundation on who I really am and that I have everything that I need within me to succeed and live up to God's ultimate plan for my life!!!”

Melody Headshot.jpg

Melody Thompson, Owner of Creative Care Solutions

"Natolie helped to jumpstart my vision by helping me see the power I possessed inside of myself. She reignited my dream by having me talk out my vision and things I needed to do in order to move forward. She helped me start pursing my dream again by helping me realize that there are no excuses good enough to give me permission to remain stagnant because there is always something I can do to help myself achieve greatness. Since talking with Natolie, I have set up my email list, started gathering information to write my second book, and have almost completed 3 video ads to promote my business. I am grateful to Natolie for pouring into my life.

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