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I was in survival mode. Are you?

Our modern lifestyle is such that as women we are often in survival mode. I know that this may be surprising so keep reading. Do you know a woman who takes care of everyone? Do you know a woman who wants to accomplish big things in her career or business? Do you know a woman who says yes to everything and she often is people-pleasing but doesn't take enough time out for herself?

If you know someone like this, please share this email with her. If you are this woman, you are not alone.

Many of us fell into this role during the pandemic. I did not realize that I had fallen into survival mode at some point over the last two years until more recently. How in the world could this happen to me? Honestly, when things changed suddenly, I was doing a lot of new things. I had to add responsibilities like you to my already full life. I felt like I was holding up okay and you may have felt the same. I later realized that I was not okay but living in survival mode.

Living in survival mode may look like you experiencing significant shifts in your life that often result in added stress. It could look like you are doing just enough to get by and just existing. It can impact you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Here are some signs that you may also be in survival mode:

  • You have focused all of your energy on the next 24 hours

  • You push others away without thinking because you don't have time or energy to deal with them.

  • You don't eat properly, your sleep habits have been impacted and your stress level is higher than normal

  • You have become more reactive to everything

  • It has been a while since you have laughed, enjoyed a day, or had real "me" time

  • Your memory and focus are not the same.


I started to feel like I needed to make some changes and I started this process late last year.

When you feel buried or overwhelmed, you need to simplify your life. I had to pause to explore what really mattered to me. I had to question why I was doing things and why I was not doing things. I had to make some significant changes to my schedule and workload. I had to ask myself what I was willing to let go of and what I was willing to embrace.

Have you been considering simplifying your life?

You can overcome survival mode and simplify your life. In fact, you can start right now.

Grab a journal and pen, and ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is important?

  2. What is necessary?

  3. What changes need to take place?

You can also simplify your life by slowing things down. Meditation is a great way to break the cycle of survival mode.

There are several different styles of meditation and discovering which one works best for your lifestyle and personality is important. Click below to take a free quiz.

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