You need a space to BREATHE

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Why a retreat is exactly what you have been missing?

When was the last time that you were able to get away just for yourself? For many women, we will answer I don't know or I can't remember. If that is you, that's okay. I know I was definitely in this category, no judgment. I also have learned that every woman longs for a space to breathe, to feed her soul and dream dreams. We all long for rest. So we have to create the time and the experiences to do this on a continual basis.

Every woman longs for a space to breathe, to feed her soul and dream dreams. We all long for rest.

If this is your intention, the surest way to experience this is to physically travel to a place of beauty and inspiration; a place where the focus is totally on you; a place where you will be nurtured and supported by other women who are on the same path. If you are saying this is so me, then a retreat is what you have been missing. You would be able to just Inhale & Exhale!

It's Your Time!

It's time that you have some dedicated "me time" to relax, reflect and recharge. 

It's time for you to stop feeling overwhelmed and overworked and take a break. 

It's time that you are seen for who you really are without being judged (we are going to talk about judgments in just a moment). 

It's time for you to slow down and unplug to hear your inner voice. 

It's time for you to get the support from outside of your normal circle of friends to help you figure out your next step. 

It's time for you to get back to YOU so that you can begin walking fully in your purpose in your life and work. 

It's time for you to build authentic friendships with like-minded women who are on the path to happiness, success and freedom. 

It's time that you allow yourself permission to laugh, cry and play all weekend with some incredible women!!!! 

I host annual #retreats that are experiential. The women are given space to process, heal and making changes in real time. They will do the transformative work and apply the lessons in my presence to be able to receive the support and guidance you need to heal, expand and move forward.

Attend The Whole Woman Transformative Retreat on September 20th-22nd. This 3 day experience will support you overcome your biggest obstacles, break through false beliefs and find that resounding and powerful voice that is waiting inside of you. Join us for a weekend of growing, healing, laughing, crying and supporting each other. You will leave this experience with the insight, tools, and support you desire for greater clarity, focus, inner peace, confidence and connection.

Check out the photos below of the prior retreats.

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