Overcome Your Inner Limitations

Are you often concerned about what may happen if you stepped out to get something you want or desire? Do you often think about what could go wrong versus what could go right? It is normal to have feelings of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, or confusion about what could happen. However, you can decide to not allow those feelings to paralyze you from going forward. I often caution clients to not live in the land of "What If's. This is the place where you will create a storyline (that often ends in a disaster) on something that has never happened.

You have the ability to fly above it all and Be The Woman You Were Created To Be.

Here are tips you can implement to be able to fly:

1. Feel the emotion (fear, uncertainty, etc) and do it anyway.

2. Recognize that you have everything you need already within you. Often times we have an underlying belief that we are not enough or we are missing something. This belief may cause us to not step out of our comfort zone.

3. Remember that perspective is everything. You don't see things as they are. You see things as you are.

4. Change your thoughts. Change your world. Instead of thinking that you have failed, tell yourself that you are winning and you are learning.

5. You will get what you need when you need it. Are you guilty of wanting to have all the details before you move forward? The reality is that many times you wanted to get the next step or detail until you make the first move.

6. Everything starts with a decision. Make a decision and set an intention today that you are going to step out, confront challenges and accomplish your goals.

Hey there, I’m Natolie Warren 👋 I’m a life coach who supports ambitious women achieve their life goals, create a mindset built for success, and activate their inner power t